The Daily Struggle

EB358611-2435-4D25-83C4-0F2F38CB4BDD.jpegSo here we are again and It’s been another long while since I’ve written in this blog. Over a year!!! Dang! It seems that I go through that every time I write. I don’t write for a very long time and I just kind of lose things to write about but here I am today writing about nutrition… MY struggle with nutrition. 

Let me start by saying that I am not really a fan of healthy eating, per se. I have come to learn somewhat how to eat healthy, mainly for health reasons and obviously, to maintain my weight. There have been times when it has been fairly easy for me to be consistent with healthy eating. But it seems that I’ve been struggling for approximately the past six months with getting back on track to a consistent healthy diet. I’ve never had this much trouble getting back on track. Every week I’m starting over. And it never sticks, it’s very frustrating. I don’t know what it is…I’ve tried different diet approaches and I thought this month was going to be different. I got a new workout and nutrition plan that I was excited about. That excitement didn’t last long. The nutrition plan was based on macronutrients aka “macros.” I’ve tried to follow macros before and it was hard…very hard. Being a picky eater doesn’t make it any easier. (Thanks Mom! Hahaha) There is no reason that everyday eating should be so difficult and stressful, since I’m not a professional athlete/trainer/competitor. I like having a good balance of being healthy and indulging in wonderful junk food!!! 

So…after STRUGGLING last week trying to follow a macro diet…I’ve decided that the best way for me to try and eat healthy is to take all the extra thinking out of it. 

Is there a science for getting certain kinds of results when paired with working out? Definitely. But ultimately, like I stated before, I’m not a professional, I’m not getting paid for how I look…I just want to be healthy and comfortable with how I look. 

So…with all that being said, I just want you all to know that I struggle with healthy eating. A LOT. And I feel that a lot of people can relate. Sometimes it’s because I’m thinking way too hard about it and maybe I’m thinking way too hard about getting certain results. So now I just need to take it day by day and make healthy choices that doesn’t require rocket science. Don’t let someone tell you that one way of eating/dieting is better than another. Find what works for you, what makes it easier for you, and what you can enjoy most. 

Until I’m getting paid to look a certain way, I will continue to eat all the wonderful foods that I enjoy!!! 😁

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