Comparisons will kill you…

Comparisons will kill you…
Ok, maybe not literally… but figuratively speaking, comparisons will definitely kill your confidence. And if you are one of those rare people who doesn’t scroll through internet pages comparing your life to someone else’s, I applaud you. That is what I’m working towards.

I mean, most of us do it. We sit on our phones, tablets, or computers everyday looking at pictures of other people’s lives… and then we start comparing. It’s just what we do. But WHY do we feel the need to do that? Why do we allow ourselves to feel like we are not enough, or we don’t have enough? That is simply NOT TRUE.

*I wish my body looked like that, I wish I had that, I wish I was doing what he/she was doing.

I am sooooo guilty of this, especially with fitness. I work HARD on my body, every single day. So why do I allow myself to feel like it’s not enough?  Of course, because I don’t look how I would prefer to look…but that doesn’t mean I don’t look good, that doesn’t mean I’m not strong, that doesn’t mean my body isn’t an amazing machine.  Comparisons hit me hard when I decided not to participate in a fitness competition (See my previous blog entry). I would see other women, who lived similar lifestyles as me, who had similar body types… and they made it to the finish line of a fitness competition. So naturally, I had to question myself… why couldn’t I do it? Is my mind really that weak? Because EVERYTHING is MIND OVER MATTER, right?

Everyone’s journey is different and unique. That is what makes us who we are. There is no need to compare because there is room for everyone’s uniqueness. We can all win, we are all beautiful in our own right. Even though my journey may look very similar to someone else’s, I recognize that it is a completely different journey. When people share things on social media, they often only share the good moments… or even when they do share ‘bad’ moments, we still don’t know every single step in between. We don’t know the battles each other goes through on a daily basis or the struggles that were had every step of the way to where one is now.

A brief story I’ll share… Lately, I’ve had the pleasure to work with an amazing trainer who happens to have a super lean, damn near perfect body. And I admire it every single time I see her. I’ve even had thoughts of “Why couldn’t I be built like that?” But that’s just not how I was built. Deal with it. So anyways, her and I have many conversations and we happened to have conversations about different diets and ways of eating (since that is my current struggle). And she just so happened to make the comment to me, “Well, you look really good!”  And a comment so simple as that, reminded me that no matter how different I look from what I may think is a ‘perfect’ body (I know, it doesn’t exist), I AM STILL BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! And many see me as an inspiration…so I am definitely proud of myself and I know I deserve nothing but love from myself. No comparisons needed.

And I MUST tell myself this everyday. I must LOVE myself through EVERY SINGLE STEP of this journey of fitness, this journey of life.

We don’t only compare looks… we compare LIVES. STOP! Your life is good enough, who you are is good enough. And if it’s not… ask yourself why you think that? Is it because you are comparing to someone else or is it because you genuinely want better for yourself? If the answer is the latter, make the proper changes that will make YOU feel GREAT about your life.

“Comparisons will kill you. You have to look at what you have and be happy with it.” -Kristin Bell-

6 thoughts on “Comparisons will kill you…”

  1. Very truthful & I appreciate you bringing this issue to the forefront. Great points & helpful to those who desire to self-love. At the end of the day one can only be them. And as long as you’re one who works on being the best you, you will become the perfect you! We just need to admire ourselves more than admiring the next. If we work on being someone else, we’ll never be a real self, which will shamble another state of self.
    BTW, you look good, Chante!

  2. You look great friend .. REMEMBER !!! There are people watching you on social media thinking the same thing. They wish they had your dedication, drive and honesty. You are someone’s motivation also. Keep working on you and working out and showing people mind, body and health changes are possible. Love you !!

  3. Love this! And you are a total babe! We all wish that we had things that others did, and we never know what others find beautiful in us!

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