Emotions & Eating… The Struggle.

Are you an emotional eater???

Unfortunately, I am. Some people don’t eat when they have certain emotions and feelings, while others eat anything and everything in sight. I’m one of the latter. The reason I’m writing this (as with most of my blogs) is because I know there are people who can relate to this.

Why oh why must bad emotions bring out the fat girl in me? Because the junk food comforts me…for about 30 seconds. And then I feel bad about it…vowing to never do it again. But, it happens again. To be honest, it happened last week. I was tired, I was angry, I was feeling sad…so I got in my car, got some McDonald’s (yes, I eat McDonald’s)… And then came the guilty feeling. It’s crazy how food can make me feel guilty…FOOD. Really? It’s just food…why does it make me feel negative towards myself? Because I know exactly what that junk food does for me…it makes me temporarily happy, then sad and guilty afterwards. And ultimately, it could take me back to the fat, unhealthy girl I used to be. Lord knows I don’t want to go there.

I get back on track. Eating healthy foods, on a good schedule, working out as usual…and feeling GREAT! I try to remind myself of this great feeling every time I crave junk food. Sometimes I win, sometimes the fat girl wins. I’ve been on a serious emotional roller coaster for the past couple months and I try to use fitness to forget about it. But food sometimes finds it’s way to my heart. We all go through different emotions in life and handle them in our own ways. I feel like learning to cope without my “comfort foods” will always be a struggle for me but as long as I’m conscious about it and making an effort, I cannot be so hard on myself.

Tears fall on my keyboard as I type this, because I know this battle is one that MANY people fight and it’s hard. I’ve had people tell me that I don’t understand their battle because I’m fit… NO, I DEFINITELY UNDERSTAND THE BATTLE BECAUSE I’M STILL FIGHTING IT.  It’s not easy, AT ALL. But nothing worth having in life comes easy.  As long as you keep on fighting and never quit, you are succeeding. Make small changes that will help you on a healthy journey. Choose to change part of your diet each week. Incorporate more fruits and vegetables, drink more water. Find ways that will help YOU…Your journey is YOURS. Do not compare it to anyone else’s.

We are entitled to have emotions and feel certain ways…just don’t let your emotions ruin your life or your diet.

2 thoughts on “Emotions & Eating… The Struggle.”

  1. I’ve been there so many times! But you’re right about some people just assume it’s so easy for you to resist because you workout. I workout so that I can eat without all the guilt. Thank you for sharing your struggles.

    1. I’m eating a pack of sour punch apple straws as I read this & I feel SO guilty about it! I’m a wreck, But I’m not going to give up! Thanks Fitgirltay for the encouragement!

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