What’s the secret?

Anyone who has experienced weight loss or who displays some type of health and fitness journey has been asked this question a time or two… WHAT’S THE SECRET???

C’mon people… We all know there is no secret to weight loss. Of course, instant results would be nice. BUT…then there would be no appreciation for it. A quote I will always remember, “Anything worth having doesn’t come easy.” That is the absolute truth, with anything in life. If you could be perfect at everything the first time you tried, life would get pretty boring, in my opinion.

Quick fixes are the hot commodity nowadays. Nobody wants to work hard for that “perfect” body. Nobody wants to struggle at the bottom before they make it to the top. I’m starting to see that these younger generations (including part of my generation) are very lazy and feel like they should not have responsibility for anything. Their thinking is…if it’s broke, just buy a new one. Please, please, PLEASE…don’t adopt that mentality when it comes to health and fitness. I promise, if you consistently put in the work of eating healthy and exercising, you WILL see results!

It’s NOT gonna happen overnight. You WILL get frustrated. You WILL want to give up.

BUT…that is exactly when you MUST remind yourself why you started the journey. Remind yourself why you took that first step. Don’t think about the thousands of steps you may have to take to reach your goal…just think about that very next step you must take. Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute.


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